Climate Walk Game

Climate walk game, outdoors, March 2018
Climate walk game, indoors with 10-year olds, June 2018.
The film Voicing the Wye draws on a climate walk game with 10-year-old children discussing climate change as part of their school curriculum.

The game asks children to stand in the shoes of adults. They reflect on how adults will behave on the climate. Children start to understand the consequences of this behaviour for their own future. The game empowers them to imagine new forms of critical intervention. Finally, it allows adults to see themselves anew in the mirror held up by their children. Do adults love their children?

Why a game? A game is fun and sociable whilst engaging with a simplified form of reality. It does so by having a clear aim, a set of repeated actions (like trying to hit a ball with a piece of metal in golf), and feedback on the result of those actions: how close are you to achieving your aim?

What can children develop?

. familiarity with image making and their local landscape and its ecology

. using time-based equipment guided by a very experienced specialist

. enacting real life in the safe space of a game

The workshop can be indoors or outdoors. The number of participants is from six to infinity. The length is from 20 minutes to an hour. The equipment is provided by the organisers.

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