Red Brook, reflections on the Wye

Artist book, Installation,
Birmingham School of Art, 2017
How to give the river Wye a voice in a new geological epoch, frequently called the Anthropocene? Red Brook, reflections on the Wye draws on fieldwork conducted during 18 months: collecting water samples to analyse the river’s chemical content; pictures; plus interviews. The book juxtaposes often contradictory voices and ideas in an unusual way. A Pied Flycatcher twits Roland Barthes. The Wye can take humans to court. Locals don’t believe ‘it’ can happen – “because climate change is global.” Herefordians’ un-compostable wastes are memories for the future strata of the Wye. The locals’ polyphonic voices whisper like the many tributaries flowing into the meandering Wye.
Will these voices enable readers to imagine different futures?

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